I am a lecturer at the AUT Law School, specializing in constitutional law. I have completed my studies for a J.S.D. at the NYU School of Law, and should get the degree in a not-too-distant future. I also have an LL.M. in Legal Theory from NYU; clerked for Justice Tremblay-Lamer at the Federal Court of Canada; and have a B.C.L./LL.B. (Hons.) from McGill. A list of my publications is below.

The purpose of this blog is to offer some comments on Canadian constitutional law, legal and political philosophy, and other (law- and political philosophy-related) topics that interest me.

My introductory post, explaining why I decided to do it, is here.

You can contact me at leonid.sirota at aut.ac.nz.


My publications:


In a professional journal

  • Rants and Freedoms: Can Universities Control Students’ Online Speech?”, 13(2) Internet and E-Commerce Law in Canada 13 (2012)

In the general media:


I also contribute, regularly or occasionally, to other blogs: the CBA National Magazine’s Blog; that of Policy Options; and I-CONnect.

In addition, almost all of my posts commenting on recent judicial decisions are cross-posted (sometimes with some modifications) on CanLII Connects.

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