Double Aspect was started in April 2012, with the purpose of offering some comments on (mostly Canadian) constitutional law, constitutional theory, and legal and political philosophy. It eventually expanded into (mostly Canadian) administrative law, and occasionally makes forays into some other, more or less related areas. Originally the blog of Leonid Sirota, it welcomed a number of guest bloggers and, in July 2018, added Mark Mancini as a full-time co-blogger.

In 2014, Double Aspect was named Best Canadian Law Blog; in 2015, it was one of the runners-up; in 2017, a runner-up in the Best Law School/Law Professor Blog category. In 2019, Mancini was named one of the Best Bloggers on a Platform or Shared Blog.

Sirota’s introductory post, explaining why he decided to do it, is here.

You can contact Sirota at leonid.sirota at aut.ac.nz. He is also on Twitter as @DoubleAspect. You can contact Mancini at mark.p.mancini at gmail.com. He is on Twitter as @MarkPMancini.

Click through to find out a bit more (including publication lists) about Sirota and Mancini.

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