About: Mark Mancini

I am the National Director of the Runnymede Society, a national law student organization dedicated to promoting debate on the Rule of Law, constitutionalism, and individual liberty. I am a graduate of the University of New Brunswick, Faculty of Law (JD) and the University of Chicago Law School (LLM). My academic interests lie primarily in administrative law, constitutional remedies, and law and economics. I previously clerked at the Federal Court for Justice Ann Marie McDonald (2017-18).

I can be contacted at mmancini@runnymedesociety.ca, and I am on Twitter at @MarkPMancini.

A selected list of my essays, publications, and blog posts is below:

  • Mark Mancini, “The Quebec Reference: Balancing Legislative Meaning and Constitutional Consistency” (2020), CJALP (forthcoming)
  • Mark Mancini, “The Non-Abdication Rule in Canadian Constitutional Law,” (2020) Sask L Rev (forthcoming)
  • Mark Mancini, “Declarations of Invalidity in Superior Courts” (2019) Constitutional Forum
  • Mark Mancini,”Two Myths of Administrative Law” (2019) 9:1 WJLS 1
  • Mark Mancini, “Statutory Interpretation From the Stratasphere,” (2018) The Advocates’ Quarterly
  • Mark Mancini, “The Dark Art of Deference: Dubious Assumptions of Expertise on Home Statute Interpretation (2018), Canadian Journal of Administrative Law and Practice
  • Mark Mancini, “Just a Pillowfight?: Standard of Review and Expertise in Constitutional Law,” (2017) Winner of the Canadian Bar Association’s Paul Smith Memorial Award in Administrative Law.
  • Mark Mancini, “Wandering Without a Torch: Federalism as a Guiding Light” (2016) 67 UNBLJ 360.
  • Mark Mancini, “Purposive Interpretation: Loyola and The Forgotten Orphan of Canadian Constitutionalism” (2016) eDiscoveries, Western Journal of Legal Studies, online: http://www.ediscoveries.org

All of my posts on recent judicial decisions are cross-listed on CanLII Connects.