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Double Aspect;
soon-to-be Associate Professor, Reading Law School (from January 2022)

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I am a Canadian public law scholar; I will be an Associate Professor at the Reading Law School, in the UK, starting in early 2022. Previously I taught at the Auckland University of Technology, in New Zealand. I graduated with a BCL/LLB (Hons) from McGill, as well as an LLM (in legal theory) and a JSD from the NYU School of Law. I also clerked for Justice Danièle Tremblay-Lamer at the Federal Court of Canada.

My research concerns a variety of public law topics, with either a Canadian or a comparative focus. I have written on constitutional conventions, on the freedoms of conscience and religion, on the law of democracy, on constitutional reform and interpretation, on judicial review of administrative decisions, the Rule of Law, and sometimes other issues.


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