The Best

I’m a bit late, but still on time. ‘Tis the season ― for Clawbies nominations. So here are mine:

  • Paul Daly’s Administrative Law Matters:Don’t let the title put you off, like I did for too long. Administrative law might not sound like a very exciting thing, but that just highlights the measure of prof. Daly’s success in turning out consistently interesting and thought-provoking posts about it.
  • Philippe Lagassé’s eponymous blog:Whether or not you find it exciting, the Crown is a very abstruse topic in Canadian law. it is also, despite appearances of quaintness, still important, and bound to remain so for the foreseeable future. Prof. Lagassé does a fantastic job of explaining it.
  • Michael Geist’s Blog:Hardly needs a sales pitch from me, but speaking of relevant, you can’t really beat IP and telecommunications. Lots is happening in these areas, and it matters, whether we understand it or not. Prof. Geist helps us do so.

Hercules and the Umpire

Readers may have already come across it, but I hadn’t until a few days ago, and in case others haven’t yet, I wanted to recommend a wonderful blog by Richard Kopf, an American federal district court judge, called Hercules and the Umpire. As judge Kopf explains,

I hope the title evokes an image of two poles.  On the north, we have the late great Ronald Dworkin’s all knowing judge, Hercules.  On the south, we have Chief Justice Roberts’ formulation of the judge as umpire.

I am interested in knowing (1) which pole is the better and (2) whether there is a longitude and latitude between those poles that locates the proper role of a federal trial judge.

As this passage suggests, Judge Kopf is a very intellectually curious person. He is also intelligent, humble, and forthright. In a word, he is wise. He also has a much better blogging work-ethic than I do.

If you are interested in judges ― or in the (American) legal system generally ― take the time to read him. It’s well worth your while.

Clawbies Nominations

The Canadian legal blogosphere hasn’t Hollywood’s glamour just yet (we’re working on it, I hear), but it does have its own yearly awards, the Clawbies. Here are my nominations, in no particular order.

Michael Geist’s Blog: hardly needs a presentation, but it is an invaluable resource for IP and internet-related news and analysis.

The Court: all Supreme Court-related news, and good analysis of some interesting court decisions (not just those of the Supreme Court).

Le droit au silence: fighting the good fight debunking the sort of popular misconceptions about criminal law that drive the tough-on-crime discourse and legislation.

Have a look at them, they’re worth your time.