The Best

I’m a bit late, but still on time. ‘Tis the season ― for Clawbies nominations. So here are mine:

  • Paul Daly’s Administrative Law Matters:Don’t let the title put you off, like I did for too long. Administrative law might not sound like a very exciting thing, but that just highlights the measure of prof. Daly’s success in turning out consistently interesting and thought-provoking posts about it.
  • Philippe Lagassé’s eponymous blog:Whether or not you find it exciting, the Crown is a very abstruse topic in Canadian law. it is also, despite appearances of quaintness, still important, and bound to remain so for the foreseeable future. Prof. Lagassé does a fantastic job of explaining it.
  • Michael Geist’s Blog:Hardly needs a sales pitch from me, but speaking of relevant, you can’t really beat IP and telecommunications. Lots is happening in these areas, and it matters, whether we understand it or not. Prof. Geist helps us do so.

Author: Leonid Sirota

Law nerd. I teach public law at the University of Reading, in the United Kingdom. I studied law at McGill, clerked at the Federal Court of Canada, and did graduate work at the NYU School of Law. I then taught in New Zealand before taking up my current position at Reading.

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